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Lloyds Online Banking Login Solution | A Simple Solution

Lloyds Online Banking Login Solution | A Simple Solution

If you have been suffering problems logging in to Lloyds Online Banking Facility recently and need to access your financial data, like we did, then follow these simple steps.

OK ... the problem seems to be relating to DNS Servers working with Lloyds.

We usually use googles DNS Servers ( AND Using these we currently get an error.

If we change the Primary and Secondary DNS to the OpenDNS Servers ( and we can get in to the banking successfully.

If you need a step by step guide then look below for further information.

In Windows 10 Including Windows 7 & later:

1) Open “Network & Sharing Center” (sic) Can be found via the Control Panel on your PC

2) Click on “Change adapter settings” in the left hand menu

Open Network and Sharing Center

3) Right click on your current Ethernet or Wireless Network Connection Icon (which ever one you are using) and select “Properties

Network Connections

4) On the Networking Tab, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click on the “Properties” button.

Internet Protocal Version 4

5) If there is already any existing information in the address boxes, please make a note of it so you can restore it later.

6) Select “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter/change the addresses to an alternate Primary and secondary DNS Servers. (Preferred and Alternate*

*In the example below we have used the OpenDNS server addresses (confirmed to work), but there may be others that work.

7) Click “OK” , then click “Close” on the “Ethernet Properties” window (shown as “OK” in the step 4 picture)



8) Open a new browser window and try to connect to the internet banking again!

It works for us every time.

Hope this helps someone out there!